Based in Geneva, we are the craftsmen of your projects since 1998. We are specialised in the design, implementation, integration and support of complex information systems used to improve the quality and performance of companies.


Lightbulb in a comic bubble


Understanding your business, identifying your objectives and issues in order to find solutions.

Magnifier on a color scale


Our experts in UI and UX will assist you in raising the style and efficiency of your product.

Drawings brainstorming


Quickly build a prototype to validate the technical choices made and check the adequacy to the needs of your users.



The development is made using an agile process so that the progress of the project can be easily followed.



We will support your software according to your evolving functional and technical needs.



Business analyst

Our analysts will immerse themselves into your business in order to propose, with the help of their extensive experience, solutions adapted to your needs and ideas.

Software architect

Our software architects will identify the different interactions between the software components involved in order to propose the most adapted technologies. The security of the systems used will be taken into account during the evaluation process.

Technical expert

Our technical experts will provide the technical know-how and in-depth knowledge of key software components used during the development. We have experts in the areas of databases, backend, frontend and devops.

UX/UI Designer

Our UX/UI Designers design and organise logically the screens of an application in order to facilitate their usage. They will also bring a visual identity to the application.

Certified Scrum Master

Coordinate, unify and ensure respect for Scrum principles. A Scrum Master will help the development team to keep its autonomy and continuously improve its knowledge.

Full stack developer

A full stack developer is a team member, who has all the required skills to understand your craft, build, test and deliver the software while mastering all of its layers (database, backend and frontend).


Here are a few of the technologies and methods we master to help in the development of software:

  • DevOps

  • Software factory

  • Continuous integration

  • Continuous delivery

  • Tests, quality control

  • Agile approaches

  • Scrum

  • Kanban



Design and develop of an application for creating perfumes and flavours, integrated in the information system of a multinational company.


Management of Swiss cantonal trade and companies registers and document management.


Integrated system to manage events, customers orders, resources planning, supervision and invoices of audio and video of transmissions around the world.


Contribution to various projects for startups, experiences made in laboratory computer sciences and electronic patient records.


Projects managing documentary credit in a major bank.


Identify all the persons of a university in order to offer different services (user account, identification card, …).