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UX Designer

What's UX Design?

"User eXperience", it is all about thinking and designing interfaces that meet users expectations of a software product, web site, application…

Our mission is to support our clients in the realization of their projects, using the appropriate tools and methods to provide users with unique, innovative and adapted experiences. The goal of this approach is to optimize their work and facilitate their daily routine.

Users + Designer to reach your goals

Using workshops to identify user needs

To understand the users, it is essential to observe them in a real context, ask them the good questions, and to forecast guesses that will help handling the problematics together.

In this way, we organize interviews and workshops to identify needs, desires, frustrations, and ideas for the users. We then define together the outline of the future interface, and we end up setting the right UX strategy.

Prototyping sketch

Modeling and prototyping

We work in the earliest stage of the design phase and create models and prototypes to help project launch.

This step is required to give the user a bigger picture of the final product. In this agile way, we gradually build and validate the models in order to assist the developer team. The models are built step by step and validated upstream of the production, which represents a significant gain for the development stage.

Prototyping is a more advanced stage of modeling. It's about adding an interactive layer close to what is expected for the finished product. In this step, we propose a model which gives the illusion of a functional application in sync with the user experience imagined in the previous steps.

Pen drawing circles

The UI Design or graphic design lives alongside the models creation.

Here, we're going to refine typographies, colors, icons, and elements that are part of the graphic chart. This step will be used to give a visual identity to your product.


Adapting our missions to our customers requests

We offer different ways to support you in your projects.

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We support you for the design phase and follow up with support and monitoring for the whole project duration.


We can also participate in one-off missions and help setting up specific screens or participating in the redesign and improvement of the User Experience of an existing interface.

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We also support analysts and Product Owners in the needs analysis and the writing of functional specifications.


And finally, we participate in usability and functional testing before and after the delivery.

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Top 5 services from a Designer


Promote User Experience through fluid and intuitive navigation


Help users to picture themselves using their future application.


Shape user ideas and discuss solutions before the development phase.


Provide screen and navigation specifications to make development phase quicker.


Assist Analysts in writing specification documents.

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